Handling or managing a property is a job that intersects and overlaps with a lot of other aspects. This includes insurance, law, construction, marketing, accounting, and much more. This makes it extremely difficult to recognize or look for an excellent property manager compared to a below-average or average one.  

Limited scope, maintenance capabilities, and transparency are 3 qualities that you should look for in property management companies San Mateo. Here are a couple of reasons why: 


For those who don’t know, the foundation of trust is transparency. When hiring one, real estate investors and property owners place a lot of trust in a property manager. There are a lot of cases out there where property managers charge for tasks that were not really done or collect rent and not reporting it.  

Reading every single available review for the property management company you’re considering is the ideal way to lower risk. You should always be careful if there are only a couple of reviews and the firm claims to have been in business for a lot of years. The reason for this is that if a company has been in the industry for a long period, it should have a lot of reviews. Any company that doesn’t place a focus on delighting its clients and customers is probably not offering great value.  

Maintenance Capabilities 

You will have to know more about the organization’s capabilities after you look for a property manager that has straightforward pricing and services and a proven track record of excellent reviews. 

Typically, the biggest cost that a landlord will face is maintenance. Thus, if mishandled, it can be a huge mistake. Your property is also at risk with maintenance subcontractors. Keep in mind that a property manager is only as excellent as the resources they’ve got. Do they hire subcontractors? Are maintenance personnel full-time workers?  

It is impossible to enforce deadlines, keep prices down, and guarantee the quality if the property manager hires subcontractors.  

Limited Scope 

The final thing that you should consider is to ensure that the company has a limited scope of practice if the company has strong maintenance capabilities and is transparent.  

Resources are restricted. Thus, you should not settle for part-time managers or ones with other responsibilities. Oftentimes, contractors, brokers, and real estate agents will try to add a property management practice to their business model. Oftentimes, contractors will have landlord customers that look to be relieved of the management responsibility. Real estate brokers will be enticed to begin managing properties since customers ask if they offer management services.  

These are a couple of common examples of property managers that you should not hire. That company isn’t just the best option for you if it isn’t exclusively emphasized in handling the rental property. This can also be applied to a property management company that also performs sales. It’s hard to master property management. You will only receive a below-average performance if the company you hire is trying to do it as a side business instead of the main one.